Fiona Joy: Signature – Synchronicity

Listen to this piano instrumental with vocals by Fiona Joy from Australia on her new album Signature – Synchronicity. Instruments include piano, keyboard, cello, violin, bass, percussion, flugelhorn, guitar, beat-box, Irish whistle, tarogato (Turkish pipe), and EWI (electric wind instrument).

Signature – Synchronicity by Fiona Joy (2016) – 10 songs, 43 min


Here are several videos.

Album Trailer – 4 min 59 sec


Grace  – 5 min 31 sec


Ceremony – 3 min 56 sec


Calling Earth – 4 min 18 sec


Once Upon Impossible – 4 min 22 sec


Grace (Chill Version) – 4 min 23 sec

Listen to more of her music at my Fiona Joy post for more albums, videos, and links. This new album has been included there as well.

Photo credit: Signature – Synchronicity @ Amazon (album cover)

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