Photo 101: Lake Gallery

For Weekend 1 of the Photo 101 course it was suggested that we “Experiment with Composition” using a Gallery of photos. During our time off from the daily assignments, things to explore included capturing establishing wide-angle shots considering foreground and background, compare horizontal and vertical versions of the same scene, and using a “Rule of Thirds” grid to place our subjects.

I decided to take photos of lake views since it was a fabulous sunny warm day after many cloudy days with rain. I rode around the area and tried to capture some selected views. Lake Travis will be 100% full again by the end of this week! The last time it was full was 6 years ago in 2010, and it’s actually risen about 60 feet since last spring. It’s wonderful living at the lake, and it’s great that it’s back.

I tried several different horizontal and vertical shots. Generally I think the horizontal ones highlighted the water the most, although the vertical ones captured interesting combinations of foreground and background like live oak trees, boats, houses on the hillside, etc.

Now onto the week 2 daily photo assignments.

5 thoughts on “Photo 101: Lake Gallery

    • Lago Vista is a beautiful lakeside community of about 6,000 along the north shore of Lake Travis about 30 miles northwest of Austin and part of the Texas Hill Country. This small community has lots of scenery, wildlife, lake living, golf courses, and relaxing environment. We thought it would be a great place to retire, and love it here. The city’s tagline is “Live Like You’re On Vacation”.


      • Oh for some reason I thought you lived out west!!! We lived in SA when my husband was stationed there and I really thought we would retire there, but hubby had other plans! Now write a blog post too! I’m sure I am not the only person interested in this!

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