Photo 101: Bliss

Our Day 4 assignment of the Photo 101 course was “Bliss & Captions”, which focuses on our image of bliss. Also, we experiment with Captions and additional image metadata fields like Title, Alt Text, and Description.

Bliss represents perfect happiness, great joy, and total relaxation. For me, I think of music. I love music! Discovering new music. Listening to all kinds of music. Sharing music via my blog, which now has over 800 music posts.

I feel music, and it makes me happy (mostly). Sometimes music can be very emotional. Certain music brings tears because it’s so beautiful (or sad). Some music makes me feel like dancing. Other music is just simply pure joy. I have tinnitus (ringing in my ears) and music is good therapy. Music is very relaxing, especially solo piano.

As I mentioned in an earlier post about learning Midsummer Night by Brian Crain, I would like to learn to play piano (again). Last year, I was very fortunate to be able to attend four Whisperings concerts at Kendra and Michael Logozar’s house, including guest artists Christine Brown, Tim Neumark, Darla Bower, and Altimirano.

I asked him for a suggestion about which of his songbooks would be good for me to try to learn, and he thought his 2014 album Dreams from Afar would be easier than his others. So that gives me some other music to practice learning such as Your Smile, and maybe then Finding Hope (although the entire album is great).

Here are photos of my Yamaha piano and Michael’s music for my daily dose of bliss, taken with my iPhone 5 using the standard Camera app.

I have also included the album if you would like to listen to hear what it should sound like if I get it right.

Dreams from Afar by Michael Logozar (2014) – 12 songs, 42 mins

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