Music Calendar – Updates

I have updated the Music Calendar pages as an index of all my music posts organized in a calendar format. I fell a little behind over the past several months and didn’t keep the monthly calendars current.

Now I have completed the January calendar, provided the missing one for last month (February), as well as created a new one for this month (March) with the first week. I also updated the Music sub-menus to include January, February, and March in 2016, as well as consolidating the 4Q 2015 monthly calendars into a single quarterly calendar for Sep-Dec.

Since there are now 739 music posts (86% of all 856 posts) published since September 2014 when I started this blog, a single calendar page is no longer practical. So several months ago I reorganized the calendar into a single Music Calendar index along with sub-menus for months in the current quarter (like JAN and FEB) as well as previous quarters (Oct-Dec 2015, etc.). Hopefully this approach provides easy access to all the music posts using a convenient calendar access.

Just select any link to view all the music posts for that specific month (or quarter). I would be interested in any feedback about these changes and any other suggestions for improvement.

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