Novi Split

Here’s some indie folk music by Novi Split for you to listen with Spotify.

Novi Split is David Jerkovich’s (a.k.a. “David J.”) semi-solo indie pop/folk act based in San Pedro, California. The following is his explanation behind the name:

Novi means ‘new’ and Split is a city on the Adriatic Coast. In America, when you have a large concentration of a certain people in one place you name the city after them. Little Italy, China town, Korea town, et cetera. There is a huge Croatian population in San Pedro [California]. One night my friend Mike B. wanted to lead an angry group of Croats down to City Hall to declare San Pedro [be renamed] Novi Split. End of story. It always stuck in my head.

If Not This, Then What (2014) – 6 songs, 225 min

Here is their latest album.


Here are some more studio albums.

Pink in the Sink (2007) – 11 songs, 38 min


Keep Moving (2004) – 15 songs, 35 min



Here are some singles.

Hollow Notes (2009) – 4 songs, 11 min



These are links to her website, social media, and general information.

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Photo credit: If Not This, Then What @ Amazon (album cover).

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