Cinematic Pop

Here’s some pop orchestra music by Cinematic Pop from Phoenix, Arizona for you to listen with Spotify.

Listen as sparks fly when the orchestra collides with pop music. They showcase a new music concept by fusing sweeping, emotionally charged classical music you might hear in a film score with famous rock and pop songs arranged for 50-piece orchestra and 60-person choir.

“We take iconic pop and rock songs from the last 40 years and remove all of the electric guitars, amps and drums. Then we rebuild them with a new framework based on full-orchestra, choir and soloists while preserving the soul of the original songs,” explained Cinematic Pop co-founder and arranger Rob Gardner. “When you hear our versions, we want you to recall and connect with the originals, but also feel like you are hearing them with fresh ears for the first time.”

Cinematic Pop (2015) –  9 songs, 35 min


Here are videos of live performances with the Cinematic Pop Choir and Orchestra and conductor/arranger Rob Gardner of the songs in this album recorded live at the Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, Arizona on June 9, 2015.

Their rendition of Hallelujah featuring 16-year old McKenna Breinholt has reached over almost 900,000 views/listens on YouTube.

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley – 5 min 15 sec


One – U2 featuring McKenna Breinholt – 4 min 35 sec


Friday I’m In Love – The Cure featuring Cosette Fife Smith – 3 min 47 sec


Human – The Killers featuring Spencer Jones – 4 min 24 sec


Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana featuring McKenna Breinholt – 3 min 47 sec


Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol featuring Spencer Jones and Cosette Fife Smith – 3 min 52 sec


Sail – AWOLNATION featuring Spencer Jones – 3 min 55 sec


Somewhere Only We Know – Keane featuring Josh Mortensen (12-years old) – 4 min 5 sec


Reign of Love – Coldplay – 3 min 24 sec

If you prefer to watch/listen all their songs, use the following video playlist.

Original Songs

Here are the original songs that were covered by Cinematic Pop.

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen on Various Positions (1984) – 4 min 37 sec


One by U2 on Achtung Baby (1991) – 4 min 36 sec


Friday I’m In Love by The Cure on Wish (1992) – 3 min 34 sec


Human by The Killers on Day & Age – 4 min 5 sec


Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana on Nevermind (Remastered) (1999) – 5 min 2 sec


Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol on Eyes Open (2006) – 4 min 28 sec


Sail by AWOLNATION on Megalithic Symphony Deluxe (2013) – 4 min 19 sec


Somewhere Only We Know by Keane on Hopes and Fears (2004) – 3 min 56 sec


Reign of Love (Lovers in Japan @ 3:55)  by Coldplay on Viva La Vida (2008) – 6 min 51 sec



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Photo credit: Cinematic Pop @ Amazon (album cover).

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