Christmas Concert: Bongiorno, Landon & Jacobsen – Dec 20

There was a live Whisperings Solo Piano Christmas Concert with performances by Joe Bongiorno, Louis Landon, and Brad Jacobsen from Piano Haven Studio in Sedona, Arizona on December 20, 2015.

Christmas Albums

Here are the Christmas albums for these artists.

A Candlelight Christmas by Joe Bongiorno (2010) – 12 songs, 48 min

Peaceful Christmas by Louis Landon (2011) – 15 songs, 59 min

Midnight Clear by Brad Jacobsen (2015) – 10 songs, 41 min

Deck the Halls by Brad Jacobsen (2011) – 10 songs, 37 min


Here are playlists for the artists appearing in the concert.

Joe Bongiorno – 50 songs, 3 hr 49 min


Louis Landon – 59 songs, 4 hr 26 min

Brad Jacobsen – 19 songs, 1 hr 2 min


The following was a live internet Christmas Concert broadcast performed last year on a Shigeru Kawai piano from Piano Haven Studios in Sedona, Arizona on Sunday, December 21, 2014.


Christmas Concert by Joe Bongiorno and Tim Glemser – 1 hr 20 min


Although this is a unique opportunity to hear them live in concert, you can always access my posts for Joe Bongiorno, Louis Landon, and Brad Jacobsen with playlists, albums, videos, and links so you can listen to more of  their music.

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