Top 25 Christmas Favorites

Well, it’s that time of year again. This begins a series of daily Christmas Music posts for the month of December.

I have published 142 Christmas music posts, mostly during December last year. For this year, I am creating daily posts which feature links so you can listen to many of them again, or discover those you might have missed before. And I will also be publishing new music posts as well.

I have updated my “Christmas Favorites” page that lists the 25 most popular Christmas Music posts viewed on my blog on November 30, 2015, which provides an index for you to listen to any of them. It’s available from a Music sub-menu above or under the Christmas section of my sidebar.

The most popular Christmas Music genre was Country, followed by Pop Vocal, then Piano and Guitar. Blake Shelton was the top artist. Here are the top artists by genre.

  • Country: Blake Shelton, Willie Nelson, George Strait
  • Pop Vocal (Male): Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Tony Bennett
  • Pop Vocal (Female): Sarah Brightman, Hayley Westenra, Enya
  • Piano: Christmas Whisperings, Nina Postolovskaya
  • Guitar: Stephen Bennett, Paul Adams

The Pandora Holiday Stations post was also popular since it offers holiday music for over 80 artists across many genres.

I hope you enjoy the music, and it gets in you in the holiday spirit.

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