Helen Jane Long

Listen to instrumental piano music by British composer/pianist Helen Jane Long. This has been updated with the new album Identity released in April 2016, and my playlist has been extended with new songs from the latest album.

She is a British composer, musician and pianist best known for her four contemporary classical piano albums who has composed extensively for TV and film as well as written music for some of the world’s most lucrative advertising brands. Beginning training as a classical pianist at age 4, she moved on to also learn clarinet, guitar, cello, vocals, organ, and violin.


Here is my playlist of her songs.

Helen Jane Long (Playlist) – 36 songs, 2 hr 10 min


These are her studio albums.

Identity (2016) – 11 songs, 42 min

Porcelain (Air Studios 2013) – 7 songs, 27 min

Intervention (2012) – 11 songs, 39 min

Embers (2010) – 12 songs, 37 min


Here is a Christmas single.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (2013) – 1 song, 2 min 40 sec


Here are some videos.

The Aviators as featured on Batkid Begins trailer (2015) – 4 min 42 sec

The following was a live concert performance in Weill Hall of the Green Music Center at Sonoma State University, California. It includes the following songs, along with associated commentary: Intervention, Porcelain, To Dust, Free, Aviators, and Renewed.

KRCB Live (Episode 202) – Helen Jane Long (2013) – 26 min 46 sec

Porcelain – Live at KCRB on Porcelain (2013) – 3 min 5 sec

One Day – Live at KCRB on Embers (2010) – 2 min 47 sec

Embers – Live at KCRB on Embers (2010) – 4 min 2 sec

To Dust – Live at KCRB on Embers (2010) – 3 min 5 sec

Bells – Live at KCRB on Embers (2010) – 2 min 56 sec

Everything – Live at KCRB on Embers (2010) – 3 min 22 sec

If I Could – Live at KCRB on Intervention (2010) – 2 min 56 sec

Willow on Intervention (2012) – 3 min 25 sec


These are links to her website, social media, and general information.

These are links to popular music players and music stores.

Photo credit: Identity @ Amazon (album cover).

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