Timeless Piano Vol 9

Donovan Johnson hosts a monthly internet program on One World Music that highlights piano music.

Radio Show

This program highlights solo piano music recorded between 3 and 10 years ago. This features the following artists: Karen FitzGerald, Linda Seeley, Lisa Downing, Matthew Mayer, Rebecca Oswald, and Timothy Cooper.

“Timeless Piano Vol 9” on One World Music (Nov 2015) – 1 hr 28 min



Here are the albums for songs included in this broadcast.

“Heart of Rain” by Karen FitzGerald (1999) – 9 songs, 58 min


“Full Circle” by Linda K. Seeley (2014) – 12 songs, 44 min


“A Delicate Balance” by Lisa Downing (2009) – 12 songs, 41 min


“Beyond” by Matthew Mayer (2003) – 13 songs, 45 min


“October Wind” by Rebecca Oswald (2005) – 14 songs, 56 min


“Light on the Water” by Timothy Cooper (2008) – 19 songs, 57 min


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