Color Palette & Font Changes

I’m currently participating in the Blogging University course Blogging 201: Intermediate Customization. Our Day 1 assignment was to explore themes and experiment with various options on how we might improve our blog.

I looked at quite a few and previewed them with the WordPress Customizer to see how they affected everything. Although I got a better appreciation of different options, including some that might have some potential. However, many of them just didn’t have the combination of features that I currently have in the Misty Lake theme that I have been using since I started my blog last year. Many of the themes that I previewed caused problems with some of my pages, and would probably require substantial adjustments.

So I decided to explore what options I might have within my existing Misty Lake them, and I settled on making some color palette and font changes.  So I now have a different background for my site and the colors for colors, links, etc. have been changed. Also I chose a Google font called Arimo for my text, and complemented that with PT Sans for headings; I made them both large size so that my site might be more readable since I thought the normal size might possibly be too small for some readers. Also I made the headings bold so they stand out more.

Blog_Misty_Lake_Background_anda_Colors          Blog_Misty_Lake_Fonts

I thought I would try this for a while, and see if I like it. Also, I would certainly appreciate any feedback from my readers. Do you like the changes? What do you like about it? Is this a good choice for color palette and fonts? Is this an improvement over the previous default theme? I will also be making other adjustments over the next several weeks, so bear with me during this experimentation. I’m trying to make it better, but please let me know if I have gone off the track.

2 thoughts on “Color Palette & Font Changes

  1. The fonts and colors are fine, but I curious about a couple of things. You’re using a lot of pages, right Doug, so I wonder why you aren’t using a template that would allow you to grid them. Making a parent page and then using child pages to showboat specific content. Like Edin for instance … ..and are you using tables? If so I do understand why your pages may not square when you demo an alternative template.

    And why not a recent post widget floating high in your sidebar? That might help ground visitors on entry. And does Misty Lake allow a homepage blog-page static position. Because what you are menu-ing as a “blog”t really isn’t, so it’s confusing. Which is sad, ’cause you have some fine content here. Help people find it.

    And when it comes down to it, I’ve got no room to talk at all. My sites are over the place.



    • Thanks for all the suggestions. I wasn’t familiar with Edin, but just checked it out a little bit in a preview. It doesn’t seem to do much for the site that I noticed yet, but maybe I need to explore some more. I’m not that familiar with the idea of parent/child pages so I will look at that. However, from the demo page, it looks like it might only provide a small amount of information for each child and you would still have to click to listen to music in a post.

      Earlier I had many widgets in my sidebar, but I simplified it quite a bit in a another Blogging 201 course because it was suggested that I had too many and it was more cluttered than it needed to be. So I removed most of what I had, including Recent Posts. I need to revisit the sidebar widget situation and determine what I might need to do to make improvements. I imagine that might be one of the topics during this course.

      I have also tried using a static home page in the past to make it more like a web site, rather than a blog. However, some readers didn’t know how to deal with there not being post archive on the front page. I decided to substitute a Welcome sticky post somewhat like a pseudo-home page, and I have been working on trying to get a menu structure that provides better access to my content, especially all the music.

      I will keep working at it, and hopefully this focus during the course will help me make some worthwhile enhancements. Again, thank you for you feedback.

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