Robin Spielberg: Showcase (One World Music)

In this internet radio program from One World Music about five months ago, pianist and composer Robin Spielberg takes you on a voyage of discovery through her musical career and features music from her 17 piano albums.

I find these quite interesting since it’s like having your very own personal live concert performance with all the commentary by the artist between songs. It really provides great insight into the artist and her music.

“Showcase Robin Spielberg” on One World Music (May 2015) – 1 hr 53 min



Here is her most recent album.

“Another Time, Another Place” by Robin Spielberg (2015) – 11 songs, 51 min



Here is my playlist of her songs.

“Robin Spielberg (Playlist)” – 25 songs, 1 hr 37 min


Listen to my Robin Spielberg post for more of her albums, videos, and links.

Photo credit: Another Time, Another Place @ Amazon (album cover)

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