House Concert: Rhonda Mackert with Michael and Kendra Logozar

Yesterday afternoon, October 24, I had been invited to attend a Whisperings Solo Piano House Concert featuring a guest artist from Seattle, Rhonda Mackert, along with Michael Logozar and Kendra Logozar. It was planned to be about 2 hours at the Logozar home in Round Rock, Texas (near Austin) in the piano studio overlooking their patio deck and creek.

Unfortunately, at the last minute, Michael had to cancel the concert because of the rains threatening Texas from Hurricane Patricia that crossed Mexico. He said that the last time a system like this blew through people were trapped in the neighborhood because the bridge flooded.

Michael Logozar has been nominated for 2015 Album of the Year by Whisperings Solo Piano for his recent album Shine. He was also received nominations for other albums over the last 3 years for Dreams from Afar (2014), The Road Ahead (2013), and Time (2012).

I have always enjoyed these concerts before and was really looking forward to another wonderful experience of listening to these fantastic piano artists perform live right in front of me, along with a small group of about 30-40 other invited guests. Oh well, I will just have to wait until the next one (and enjoy their playlists in the mean time).

Artist Playlists

Listen to the playlists for the artists from the concert.

Rhonda Mackert – 24 songs, 1 hr 47 min


Michael Logozar – 37 songs, 2 hr 31 min


Kendra Logozar  – 16 songs, 1 hr 2 min


For more of their albums, videos, and links, as well as the playlists, see my complete posts for Rhonda Mackert, Michael Logozar, and Kendra Logozar.

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