Elise Lebec

Here’s some piano music by Elise Lebec for you to listen with Spotify.


Here are some of her more popular songs.

Elise Lebec (Playlist) – 27 songs, 1 hr 54 min



Here are her studio albums.

“Heart Song” by Elise Lebec (2014) – 14 songs, 56 min


“Possible Dreams” by Elise Lebec (2006) – 14 songs, 1 hr


Earlier she released some albums under her birth name Tabitha before changing it to Elise. This one also includes her singing along with piano, percussion, and some other instruments.

“Back to Innocence” by Tabitha Lebec (2004) – 10 songs, 43 min



Here are several of her singles.

“The Marriage” by Elise Lebec (2011) – 1 song, 4 min 51 sec


“A Dance Through Trees” by Elise Lebec (2012) – 10 songs, 3 min 40 sec


“If You Can See The Light” by Elise Lebec (2013) – 1 song, 5 min 17 sec


Here is a radio broadcast on One World Music with an introduction by show hosts Steve and Chrissie Sheppard (1:20). Then Elise Lebec talks about and plays music that she has created for film documentaries, pop groups, vocals and piano on Beyond Innocence (Hold On, This Is My Planet), solo piano on Possible Dreams (Letter From Elise, A Drive Through Sunflowers), as well as her latest album Heart Song featuring piano with cello & violin (Silence, Lullaby, Heart Song, Afternoon Kisses, It Was Always You, Ghost Ships, Moonlit Waters, Green Leaves). This was quite interesting to understand more about her background, diversity of compositions, and very enjoyable to listen to her music selections.

“Showcase Elise Lebec” on One World Music Radio (2015) – 1 hr 14 min



These are links to his website and social media.

These are links to artist pages at popular music players and music stores.

Photo credit: Heart Song album cover.

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