Kacey Musgraves: New Video

A new video for the song “Are You Sure?” was just released by Kacey Musgraves which features a duet with Willie Nelson. This was an old Willie Nelson song from his third album Country Willie – His Own Songs from 1965 that she just recorded with him as a hidden track after her last song “Fine” on her recent album Pageant Material. It was filmed at the White Horse honky tonk in Austin, Texas.


Here is the new video.

“Are You Sure?” by Kacey Musgraves with Willie Nelson on “Pageant Material” (2015) – 3 min 58 sec


Here is a playlist of some of her more popular songs.

Kacey Musgraves (Playlist) – 21 songs, 1 hr 14 min


See my Kacey Musgraves post for more of her albums, videos, and links, including this video and playlist.

Photo credit: Pageant Material @ Amazon (album cover).

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