Ashley Monroe

Here’s some country music by Ashley Monroe for you to listen with Spotify.


Here are some of her more popular songs.

Ashley Monroe (Playlist) – 15 songs, 56 min



Here are her studio albums.

“The Blade” by Ashley Monroe (2015) – 13 songs, 46 min


“Like a Rose” by Ashley Monroe (2013) – 9 songs, 31 min


“Satisifed” by Ashley Monroe (2006) – 12 songs, 41 min



Here are some of her videos.

“On To Something Good” by Ashley Monroe on “The Blade” (2015) – 3 min 53 sec


“Like a Rose” by Ashley Monroe (2013) on “Like a Rose” – 3 min 54 sec


“Lonely Tonight (feat. Ashley Monroe)” by Blake Shelton on “Bringing Back The Sunshine” (2014) – 3 min 50 sec



These are links to her website, social media, and general information.

These are links to artist pages at popular music players and music stores.

Photo credit: The Blade @ Amazon (album cover).

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