Music by Artist: Updated

I have now updated the Music by Artist page under the Music menu tab to show all Music posts by artist in alphabetical order by post title, which would usually be their first name.

These have been grouped and separated by a letter index to make it easier to find an artist. However, you can also use your browser Find search function to locate them on the page more quickly or by last name. Since there were so many Christmas and SXSW music posts, I have moved them out of sequence to the end.

The previous version only included the 100 most recent music posts, and now there are about 474; also it was rather limited since there were so many Christmas Music posts, which resulted in no artists beyond the letters A and B being displayed.

You can also use the Search field in the sidebar to find music for a specific artist or genre, which will retrieve all posts that match your search. Another option is available with the Music Calendar which shows all music posts by month and quarter.

I have also included the publish date after the post title. This might be formatted better, but at least it offers a complete list of all artists for now until I can improve the presentation. For example, it might be helpful to have a link for each post, but I need to figure out a way to do this automatically so this list can be maintained easily. Any ideas or suggestions are always appreciated.

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