Rhine Cruise: Heidelberg

On Day 3 of our Viking cruise we visited Heidelberg, Germany. It was a very interesting medieval town with scenic river, castle ruins, old town, cathedral, shops, cafes, and alleys.

Heidelberg has lots to see and we had extra time there. This is a view of the Heidelberg Castle ruins on the hill overlooking the old town. It was very interesting to tour, and I have quite a few photos of it.


The Neckar river flows right through the city, so there are several bridges crossing over it. Here is the Bridge Gate on the old bridge at the main north entrance to the city. There were lots of interesting buildings and alleys throughout the city, and you can see the Bridge Gate beyond this one.

11040948_967175669970626_4254973161235822680_n    11232991_967175519970641_2398722342606352705_n

This photo from the Heidelberg Castle highlights the Old Bridge across the Neckar river with the Bridge Gate and all the interesting houses on the other side. Apparently, they ceased building over there to preserve the views so they are just along the banks and all the green trees on the hillside remain which makes it quite scenic. The other photo emphasizes the Church of the Holy Spirit with its steeple in the center, which is located in the main market square of the city. The colorful rooftops and Neckar river offer a nice view of the old town from the castle.

11229900_967177196637140_6460025728345785034_n     11063625_967177529970440_9118603572065687774_n

The exterior views of the castle wall are impressive. They show side castle walls left standing.




These are some of the remaining side walls of the Heidelberg Castle ruins taken from inside the courtyard.

10469221_967175506637309_6630008460679464726_n     11393245_967177443303782_4491168699737739877_n

And here’s another photo of the side of the castle, where you can see statues at different levels, arranged according to their rank with the highest toward the top. The facade view from inside the castle courtyard reveals lots of interesting statues of various important counts and dukes of the time.

11150905_967177323303794_4905770869210010761_n     10408750_967177453303781_3675750965665647122_n

This photo of the corner from the courtyard shows a sundial on the wall, along with a closeup view. It still works and tells the time, although it doesn’t account for daylight savings time (summer time in Central Europe).

10356396_967177353303791_8314946356186558151_n      11329798_967177399970453_2264306470964814500_n

There are several towers at the castle, and here you see one of them that had its side blown away (from lightning, I think, rather than attack). There are several gigantic wine vats located in the Heidelberg Castle cellar. This shows the Heidelberg Tun, which is the world’s largest wine barrel. A tun is an extremely large wine cask, typically around 240 gallons, about 8 times larger than a normal wine barrel. This was so large they built a dance floor on top, and constructed stairs on the side to get up there. It was a status symbol to have the biggest wine barrel.

1912395_967177269970466_1178513442977368001_n     IMG_4456

Here is the Viking longship Idi docked on the Rhine at Heidelberg, as well as a swan swimming near our ship along the shore. Because of the high waters on the Rhine, which prevented us from boarding our original ship in Basel, Viking decided to switch us back to our original ship Kvasir so they would be able to return to their normal river schedule. We packed our luggage so they could take it by bus to Rüdesheim while we spent a few extra hours than planned in Heidelberg including extra money credit for us to enjoy lunch in town. The other ship’s passengers did something similar coming from the other direction.

11110568_967175829970610_2516085396675704345_n     10931161_967790869909106_8410069821741137245_n

In the afternoon they took us by motor coach through the Riesling wine country about 1 1/2 hours to Rüdesheim where we boarded our ship Kvasir with our luggage waiting for us in our stateroom. All the staff appeared overhead with a “Welcome Home” sign, clapping and cheering as we boarded. It was a slight unplanned inconvenience, and some passengers were annoyed by this change, but it went very smoothly and was probably necessary considering the river conditions, and we got to see more of Heidelberg.

And then we walked around Rüdesheim in the evening as planned, and strolled the Drosselgasse lane in the heart of the old town full of beautifully decorated restaurants. Live band entertainment, brass instruments and dance music play all day and all night during the summer in the many wine taverns and open-air garden taverns along the narrow cobblestone pedestrian street built in the 15th century.

11351384_967790899909103_7767047329483390027_n     11407016_967790926575767_204674537401034173_n

Click on the following Heidelberg Castle photo to view the Heidelberg photo gallery (about 93 photos) at my SmugMug photo web site, which also includes my Rüdesheim photos.

Rhine Cruise: Heidelberg

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