Piano Music – Midsummer Night

One of my favorite piano songs is Midsummer Night by Brian Crain on his album A Summer in Italy from 2007.


Play the following song from Spotify to hear what the music should sound like, and why I might want to learn it. It seems like it might be something I might possibly be able to play. So I thought I would give it a try and see how I do with my first attempt at trying to learn and play piano music from favorite artists that I love listening to.

“Midsummer Night” by Brian Crain on “A Summer in Italy” (2007) – 4 min 25 sec


Overhead Camera

Also, there is a piano tutorial video available that makes it look like it might not be too hard, and would give me an additional crutch to complement the sheet music and my music listening memory. This video is great because it shows Brian playing Midsummer Night as viewed from an overhead camera. And I can even watch it at my piano on YouTube using my wife’s iPad right next to the sheet music, and I can go back and forth watching, reading, and playing.

“Midsummer Night – Overnight Camera” by Brian Crain on “A Summer in Italy” (2007) – 4 min 6 sec


Sheet Music

So I decided to purchase the sheet music and start practicing, assisted with the overhead camera video of him playing the song to help see the notes played visually and get a feel for the timing. I noticed that it was identified as “intermediate” level, and that made me think first that maybe I should start with “Easy” songs. However, I really like this one and decided to go with it.

Brian Crain – Sheet Music Store

I purchased the solo piano version of sheet music for Midsummer Night at $3.95 on the music store at Brian Crain’s web site, and downloaded the PDF document for learning and practicing. It’s also available at other sheet music web sites like MusicNotes.com but it costs $5.50 there so it makes sense to get it directly from the composer.


And I’m thrilled to report that I think I almost have the left hand chords down after only practicing for a few days. I can play it looking at the sheet music, but I’m actually amazed that I can even play it from memory without looking at the sheet music. Also, I am getting the right hand more slowly, but I think I getting the hang of the first sheet pretty well, and it just needs some more practice. I have even tried to see if I can play both hands together, and that will take a little more work, although it’s coming too. This is exciting, and now I have to devote time every day to practice piano.

Tomorrow, I’m lucky to be attending a Whisperings House Concert with Tim Neumark, Michael Logozar, and Darla Bower. I will be so great to hear them play live… I can’t wait. Maybe I can identify some music from them to try next, but there are so many others like Joe Bongiorno, Christine Brown, Michele McLaughlin, Gary Girouard, etc. So much music, and not enough time. This will be fun! And summer in Italy sounds pretty nice too.

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