Mother Fox



I woke up early this morning about 6:00 am and couldn’t fall back to sleep. When opening the blinds for breakfast, I noticed a mother fox standing on our deck railing and it looked over at me at the window. So I grabbed my iPhone and went into my bedroom for a photo more directly opposite the fox several feet away. When I very slowly and quietly peeked through the side of the window blinds to take the picture, she immediately noticed and turned her head to look straight at me.

Then I noticed a little baby fox (about a foot long) scampering around the grass below. So she must have been standing guard for their morning playtime, and she was going to make sure nobody threatened them. I wasn’t able to capture its photo since I didn’t have a good angle, and it kept going in and out the opening on the side of the deck near that corner which they have been using as their “entrance”. The other morning we had seen the mother trotting across our deck with something like a mouse, rat, or vole in its mouth and it disappeared down under the deck. Maybe that might have been breakfast for the family that day. I imagine we will see more activity until they get old enough to leave.

Recently, we’ve noticed there was a fox living under our deck, but didn’t know there were babies. During the night sometimes, we have heard fox “noises” from under the deck next to the wall in our bedroom, and knew something was going on there. We have had a fox den there in the past, including a small family of with 3-4 little ones. Apparently, the babies must have been born while away during our recent Rhine cruise and Germany trip since the little foxes are not out and about, at least close to their den.

3 thoughts on “Mother Fox

  1. Wow, Doug! Nice shot! That is a great shot! We have foxes on the Island but they are very difficult to spot. I see them mostly south Island. I’ve never seen them around my home. I did catch a little mouse in my front garden beds, digging in the bark mulch. I wondered who was doing that and thought it was birds. I used my camera since I don’t have a smart phone. I was out there doing some macro work on the flowers. Can never get enough of those! Great shot, though. You have guests under your deck. Nice……

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  2. Great for allowing the fox to live under your porch. Foxes can be quite tame and will around people if allow. One winer we let a family of civet cat lived in our attic. No problems occured we had a number of dogs. They clean out our mouse problem..

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