House Concert: Tim Neumark with Michael Logozar and Darla Bower

This Saturday afternoon, June 20th, I attended a Whisperings Solo Piano House Concert featuring Tim Neumark along with Michael Logozar and Darla Bower. It lasted about 2 hours at the Logozar home in Round Rock, Texas (near Austin) in the piano studio overlooking their patio deck and creek. What a wonderful experience to be able to listen to these fantastic piano artists perform live right in front of me, along with about a small group of about 30-40 other invited guests.

Also, it was great to meet and talk with them personally. What amazing talent and such beautiful solo piano music! I’m excited because Michael Logozar told me they plan to have about four concerts a year. I feel lucky that I have this opportunity.

Concert Playlist

Here is an approximate playlist of the songs performed during the concert. Also Darla played some unpublished  songs: one called Falling Petals, and a new playful classical piece.

“Concert – 2015 June 20 (Playlist) – 14 songs, 59 min



I have included a few photos which I took during the concert as each of them performed. Also, they all participated in a spontaneous improvisation at the end which they made up on the spot based on three random notes from an audience member. It’s amazing how they can just jointly all compose on the spot, and even play together, as they shift around bench positions on the fly, and it all sounds really good.

Also, I was the winner of a CD giveaway drawing, and I got the album Heart by Doug Hammer. Here’s a photo of the CD cover.


I have also included the album playlist here as well.

“Heart” by Doug Hammer (2013) – 19 songs, 1 hr 17 min


Artist Playlists

Listen to the playlists for the artists that performed so you can enjoy their music too.

Tim Neumark – 36 songs, 2 hr 26 min

Michael Logozar – 28 songs, 1 hr 56 min

Darla Bower  – 8 songs, 28 min

For more of their albums, videos, and links, as well as the playlists, see my complete posts for Tim Neumark, Michael Logozar, and Darla Bower.

2 thoughts on “House Concert: Tim Neumark with Michael Logozar and Darla Bower

    • Wow, I never heard of that Alaska singer/songwriter alt/folk duo before, but I really like them. I need to create a post on Emma Hill so others can enjoy them too. It’s great that you hosted a house concert for them.

      I have listened to house concerts on the internet before via ConcertWindow. I started attending Whisperings Solo Piano house concerts locally at Michael Logozar’s house in Round Rock, Texas in April when Christine Brown came in from San Diego and played along with Michael and his wife Kendra Logozar for two hours, and they plan to have four a year. This afternoon with Tim Neumark is the second live house concert for me.

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