Baby Fawn in the Grass

We know it’s spring when we start seeing baby fawn with their white-tailed mothers in our back yard.

Recently we watched the first one this season trailing along after its Mommy. I img_3695_fawn_in_the_grass_300was mowing since our grass (and weeds) have grown quite a bit with some rain we have received. I checked  all over the front yard to make sure there wasn’t a little deer sleeping somewhere and I didn’t spot anything. But then I decided to do the side of our yard, and then came a few feet from this sleeping fawn in the grass. It didn’t even flinch from the loud sound of my mower, although it must have been scared with it so close. I left a large section of the lawn uncut so it would continue to have the thick grass to sleep in.

It seems to be there all day, and it’s mother goes off and returns back to its newborn baby in the evening. I imagine the baby must be really hungry to nurse when it returns. At least most of the day it was in the shade, but later in the afternoon it was in the sun for a while before it started to go down.

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