Stars: The Belmont

I saw indie pop band Stars from Montreal at The Belmont in Austin last night (April 4), and I have included some photos and videos from their performance. The weather was very pleasant, and their music was great.


Wild Moccasins from Houston was the opening band and they played for about ½ hour.


Here are some of the photos of Stars that I captured during their 1 ½ hour performance.


These are several videos that I took. In the first one, their opening song, I captured almost all of it (over 6 minutes); however the others were just 1-2 minute clips.

From The Night – 6 min 31 sec

Turn It Up – 1 min 7 sec

Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It – 57 sec

Dead Hearts – 2 min 56 sec

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead – 52 sec

Listen to my Stars playlist with 32 songs (2 hr 11 min), or see my Stars post for more of their albums, videos, and links.

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