Meiko: Playlist

Meiko at Stubbs BBQ


I updated my post for indie pop music by Meiko from November 3, 2014. I added additional songs from her latest album Lovers and Fighters plus many more from her other albums to an extended playlist for more music and easier listening.

I enjoyed seeing her perform on February 3 at Stubbs BBQ (indoors) with Lex Land opening, and included several videos below.



These are some of her more popular songs.

Meiko (Playlist) – 24 songs, 1 hr 19 min



Here are some videos that I took with my iPhone 5.

“Stuck on You” – 2 min 45 sec

“Leave the Lights On” – 3 min 12 sec

“Boys with Girlfriends” – 3 min 24 sec (starts off a bit blurry)

See my Meiko post for more of their albums, videos, and links. This playlist has been included there as well.

Photo credit: Dear You @ Amazon (album cover).

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