Alice Phoebe Lou

Here’s some folk music by Alice Phoebe Lou for listening on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

She grew up in South Africa, played street music in Amsterdam, and settled in Berlin for the past several years busking on corners and parks and performing in shows at Lido and Grüner Salon. I attended her South by Southwest official evening showcase on Wednesday March 18 on the 18th Floor at the Hilton Garden Inn overlooking Austin at sunset. I heard they performed out on 6th Street during the day where they drew quite a crowd and lots of favorable tweets and reviews (like Paste magazine). I really enjoyed her and Matteo with their unique blend of singing, guitars, keyboard, and metallophone.


Here are some of her songs on SoundCloud.

Alice Phoebe Lou (Playlist) on SoundCloud – 10 tracks, 43 min


Here are several of her songs on Spotify.

Alice Phoebe Lou (Playlist) on Spotify – 3 songs, 17 min



The following albums are available for purchase (8€ – currently about $8.66) and download at the Shop on her web site:


Here are some of her videos.

“Girl On An Island /// Berlin Sessions (Bonus)”  – Live at Urban Spree, Berlin – 3 min 58 sec


“Untitled /// Berlin Sessions #88” – Live at Urban Spree, Berlin – 6 min 26 sec


“RED” – Live at The Open Stage, Berlin – 3 min 19 sec


“The City Sleeps” – Live at Popsicle Studios, Cape Town, South Africa – 4 min 33 sec


“Fiery Heart, Fiery Mind (Official Video)” – 3 min 23 sec


“Grey (Stereofox Sessions)” – 4 min 50 sec


“Heartbeat Repeat” – 2 min 7 sec


“Girl On An Island (Live)” on “Live at Grüner Salon” (2014) –  5 min 7 sec



These are links to her website and social media.

Photo credit: Momentum EP (album cover).

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