Playlists Restored

I discovered that my Spotify playlists had been reset from public to private when I upgraded my Spotify desktop app. I was not aware that this happened right away so I apologize for anyone that had trouble trying to listen to any of my playlists recently. Although the playlists are preserved across any upgrade, I had to manually change each one back to public so that they appear again in my music posts. This made me realize that I’m currently entrusting quite a bit of work without any effective backup which I need to address.

I decided that I need to establish a process which allows me to manage my playlists more effectively (and safely) so I’m going to create my own app where I can export and import my own Spotify playlists easily, manage them more easily, and synchronize them with my blog posts. At a minimum, this will enable me to ensure that I have a backup of all my Spotify playlists, which I could restore if necessary. Also, I could use it to reset the public status of all my playlists after a Spotify upgrade. I could also use it to cross-reference my Spotify playlists with WordPress posts. I might be able to use it to help manage YouTube playlists as well. It might be helpful to provide some assistance for generating playlist music posts, as well as other useful WordPress blog management tasks for posts, categories, tags, follows, comments, media, stats, etc.

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