SXSWfm – Indie/Pop/Surf Rock – Mar 6

Here is a SXSWfm radio show stream, which focuses on indie/pop/surf rock music gems (about an hour long).  This is a great way to discover new music.

SXSWfm is the official internet radio stream of the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival to be held in Austin, Texas from March 17-22, 2015. You can listen to recordings of their specialty shows and artist interviews.

Middle Biscuit #17 (3/6/15) – 58 min


Weekly Playlist

  1. The Districts – “Chlorine”

  2. Matthew E. White – “Feeling Good is Good Enough”

  3. The Memories – “It Was a Hot Afternoon”

  4. I Found Love – “Palma Violets”

  5. Happyness – “Naked Patients”

  6. The Vaccines – “Handsome”

  7. Circa Waves – “T-Shirt Weather”

  8. Hamilton Leithauser – “I Don’t Need Anyone”

  9. Gap Dream – “Shine Your Light”

  10. TV on the Radio – “Winter”

  11. Carl Barat & the Jackals – “Victory Gin”

  12. BØRNS – “10,000 Emerald Pools”

  13. Lace Curtains – “Crocodile Tears”

  14. Spoon – “Inside Out”

  15. Black Rivers – “Diamond Days”

See Middle Biscuit for additional information about its weekly shows every Friday at 9 & 3 CT.

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