Fiona Joy: Signature – Solo

I updated my post for piano music by Fiona Joy from January 16, 2015. Individual songs have been grouped into a single playlist, which makes listening to them easier. It has been included here as well for convenience. Also, she just released her new album, Signature – Solo.


These are some of her more popular songs.

Fiona Joy (Playlist) – 12 songs, 1 hr



The new album is not available for streaming on Spotify; you can now purchase it at Amazon, but not iTunes. However, you can listen to all 10 tracks  via this Bandcamp album playlist, which also offers an option to buy the album directly from the publisher Tiny Island Music.

“Signature – Solo” by Fiona Joy – 10 songs


See my Fiona Joy post for more of her albums, videos, and links. This playlist and new album have been included there as well.

Photo credit: Signature – Solo (Album cover)

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