Tim McGraw: Playlist

I updated my original music post for Tim McGraw from September 27, 2014. Individual songs have been grouped into a single playlist, which makes listening to them easier. It has been included here as well for convenience. Also, I added quite a few videos and links.


Tim McGraw (Playlist) – 8 songs, 33 min


See my Tim McGraw post for more of Tim’s songs, albums, videos, and links. This video has been included there as well.

I’m Not Gonna Miss You

Tim McGraw performed I’m Not Gonna Miss You at the 2015 Academy Awards recently. It was an intimate, emotional moment of an honest, touching song that won the Grammy this year as Best Country Song. It was the last song written by Glen Campbell, who has been struggling with Alzheimer’s disease since 2011. It was also nominated for Best Original Song for a film (I’ll Be Me), but he was not able to attend. Here is Tim McGraw’s live performance of Glen’s song.

“I’m Not Gonna Miss You” by Tim McGraw –  2 min 38 sec


See my post I’m Not Gonna Miss You to listen to Glen Campbell’s music, watch the trailer of his film I’ll Be Me, or a CBS documentary about his Goodbye Tour. It also includes Glen’s performance of his song, as well as a tribute performance by his son Shannon Campbell.

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