Ruby the RabbitFoot

Here’s some indie pop music by Ruby the RabbitFoot from Athens, Georgia.

I recently discovered her while reading Nathan Lankford’s post on the Austin Town Hall blog. She will be appearing at South by Southwest here in Austin.

In a Southern Living article, 10 Southern Bands to Listen to Today, they say “There’s just something about Ruby. The girl radiates lightning bolts, lollipops, cat memes, and sweet tea—on stage and off. She’s a treasure.”


Here are some of her more popular songs.

Ruby the RabbitFoot (Playlist) – 8 songs, 24 min



Here are her studio albums.

“New as Dew” by Ruby the RabbitFoot (2014) – 10 songs, 33 min


“No Weight No Chain” by Ruby the RabbitFoot (2011) – 11 songs, 34 min


Her songs The Shelf (3:14) and Ancil (3:20) are available in a Daytrotter Session from October 8, 2014. Non-members can listen to those first two songs, and the last two songs are available in the playlist and videos.


These are music videos for songs from her New As Dew album.

“Way” by Ruby the RabbitFoot – 3 min 15 sec


“Misery” by Ruby the RabbitFoot – 3 min 6 sec


“Obsession [Album Trailer]” by Ruby the RabbitFoot – 1 min 46 sec


“Coffee & Honey” by Ruby the RabbitFoot – 2 min 49 sec



These are links to his website, social media, and general information.

These are links to artist pages at popular music players and music stores.

Photo credit: New as Dew @ Amazon (album cover).

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