Writing 201: Poetry – Animal

Assignment #4 has a word prompt of Animal to be written in the form of a Concrete Poem using the device of Enjambment.


Here’s my poem about our cat Pepper and my youngest son.

         Our     cat 
     was named Pepper. It  
   lost     its     mother, 
     so     we     thought 
     it would be a good 
      pet for our kids. 

        Our    youngest 
        son    was    
     always    good   
       with    music 
        and    art.
   It was black and white, 
    and one day we found 
   he carefully colored in
       the white area 
       along Pepper's 
   between    the    eyes 
    with purple marker 
    while it was asleep.
         Another time 
        we discovered 
       he had drawn a 
      life size picture 
        of an indian 
      in full headress 
     (with arms crossed) 
        using crayons 
     on his bedroom wall - 
 we had been in Indian Guides. 

Sometimes we would 
     find the cat 

by its claws 
     from weave curtains 
          in the living room.

And somehow it survived 18 years.

It thought it would be interesting to learn more about poetry, so I am taking the Writing 201: Poetry course over the last two weeks of February. Let me know what you think, and comments are appreciated.

One thought on “Writing 201: Poetry – Animal

  1. My human had a cat named Pepper too when she was a young girl. He was a dark long haired tabby and lived to about 16 or so. My nose it kind of like Peppers. I took the blogging U poetry assignments just finished in October. I’m still working on my shape poem but it’s subject is “cold”. I like yours better. =^,,^=

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