Dan Chadburn

Listen to piano music by Dan Chadburn.

Dan Chadburn’s trademarks are sweeping melodies, resonating chords and rich textures with a uniquely passionate sound. He is also a master at improvisation as you will see in the videos provided below. He has performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, Symphony Hall in Boston, and Kennedy Center in Washington. His latest album Beyond Words has been nominated for 2016 “Whisperings: Album of the Year” with the winner to be announced at the “All-Star Concert & Awards Show” on January 22, 2017.


Here is my playlist of some of his songs.

Dan Chadburn (Playlist) – 8 songs, 32 min



Here are his studio albums.

Beyond Words (2016) – 12 songs, 56 min


Keys of Light (2015) – 12 songs, 56 min


This album also features english horn, french horn, violin, viola, and guitar, as well as his piano and keyboard. It was intended to “inspire, soothe, and heal”.

Nocturnes (2012) – 12 songs, 46 min


Reflections (1999) – 13 songs, 50 min


Solo Piano (1998) – 13 songs, 55 min



Here is a single.

Promise of Hope (2010) – 1 song, 4 min 50 sec



These are videos of songs from his latest album.

Tears of Angels – 4 min 20 sec


Falling Forward – 4 min 0 sec


Kal-Boy – 4 min 41 sec


Heroes – 4 min 36 sec


Country Harvest – 4 min 5 sec


An Evening in Florence – 2 min 52 sec


Here are additional videos of his piano improvisations.

Piano Improvisation #13 (1/13/14)  – 4 min 7 sec


Piano Improvisation #152 (7/1/14) – 3 min 43 sec


Piano Improvisation #7 (1/7/14) – 4 min 36 sec


Piano Improvisation #10 (1/10/14) – 4 min 10 sec


Piano Improvisation #36 (2/5/14) – 3 min 35 sec


Piano Improvisation #9 (1/9/14) – 4 min 0 sec


Piano Improvisation #8 (1/8/14) – 2 min 59 sec


January 6, 2014 Improvisation (1/6/14) – 4 min 21 sec


Hymn of Thanks Improvisation (July 2012) – 3 min 23 sec


Piano Improvisation #119 (4/28/14) – 3 min 53 sec



These are links to his website, social media, and general information.

These are links to artist pages at popular music players and music stores.

Photo credit: Beyond Words @ Amazon (album cover)

2 thoughts on “Dan Chadburn

  1. I’m glad you like it. I like to create artist pages with albums, playlists, videos, and links so readers can find everything all in one place. Also, I create album pages when artists release new albums that I want to share. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m including too much and if they actually listen or watch all that’s available, but at least t’s all there so they know where to find it when there interested. Recently I have included several One World Music shows for several artists as well. I appreciate your ffeedback.


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