Ed Harris

Here’s some Celtic/Irish/Folk music by Ed Harris for you to listen with Spotify.

Ed Harris is a student of guitar, fiddle, mandola, upright bass, mandolin, harmonica, and keyboards. I discovered his music when he followed my blog on Twitter. I enjoyed his music and wanted to share it with others with this new addition to my Celtic music posts.

Here are some of his more popular songs.

Ed Harris (Playlist) – 12 songs, 42 min



Here are his studio albums.

“Celticophilia” by W. Ed Harris (2015) – 13 songs, 40 min


“Two Rivers” by Ed Harris (2014) – 15 songs, 56 min



One of Turlough O’Carolan’s (Celtic Harpist) less known compositions. A Tribute to All American Citizens and to those who were lost and to their surviving families.

“O’ Carolan’s No. 176” by Ed Harris – 4 min 40 sec


Arranged, performed, and recorded by Ed Harris. Composition by Larry Unger.

“Two Rivers” by Ed Harris – 4 min 18 sec


Instrumental rendition of Chris Wood and Andy Cutting’s “Hares On The Mountain” which first appeared on their album, “Lusignac”. He believes the ending is the traditional tune, “Elizabeth Clare”.

“Hares On The Mountain” by Ed Harris – 6 min 00 sec


Traditional Irish jig.

“The Carraroe Jig” by Ed Harris – 2 min 47 sec


Ed Harris with his son Kyle doodling with the fiddle tune.

“The North Star” by Ed Harris – 2 min 32 sec


A couple of traditional Irish fiddle tunes.

“Roy Ashby’s/Buckney Burn” by Ed Harris – 3 min 19 sec


Ed Harris provides instrumentation and harmony vocals with lead Vocals by his daughter Brittany on “Sally’s Song” by Danny Elfman from Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”.

“Sally’s Song” by Ed Harris & Brittany Tabbi – 2 min 50 sec


An interpretation of Pachelbel’s well known “Canon in D”.

“Pachelbel’s Canon in D” by Ed Harris – 5 min 38 sec


This is an original Winter Season score written and performed by Ed Harris.

“A Cold Winter’s Night” by Ed Harris – 3 min 25 sec


A musical and visual tribute to his youngest brother who lost his battle with cancer.

“A Brother’s Lament” by Ed Harris – 4 min 24 sec


Scottish ballad, published by Sir Walter Scott, performed by Ed Harris on guitar and cello.

“Jock O’Hazeldean” by Ed Harris – 3 min 15 sec


Warm up fiddle tune on a couple of traditional tunes during a recent small coffee shop gig recorded live.

“Britches Full of Stitches/Mickey Chews Bubblegum” by Ed Harris – 3 min 9 sec


An original “Celtic Air” by Ed Harris

“The Waterfall” by Ed Harris – 3 min 36 sec


Traditional Irish Reel Sets as performed and recorded by Ed Harris.

“Star Above The Garter” by Ed Harris – 4 min 19 sec


One of Turlough O’Carolan’s more popular compositions. Also titled as: “Sidh Beag, Sidh Mor”.

“Si Bheag Si Mhor” by Ed Harris – 5 min 8 sec


Traditional Nautical Celtic Instrumental.

“Out On The Ocean/Rolling Waves” by Ed Harris – 4 min 24 sec


Original Scottish March composition written by Ed Harris to honor ALL our men and women in uniform (Military, Law Enforcement, etc.) and to promote advocacy that World Peace is possible.

“Voice of Peace” by Ed Harris – 3 min 41 sec


Traditional Turlough O’Caralan’s tune chained with another Celtic tune featuring Guitar and Mandola.

“Caralan’s Cap/Hugh O’Donel” by Ed Harris – 4 min 52 sec


Musical and visual tribute to beauty and nature inspired by the traditional tune, Shenandoah.

“Shenandoah” by Ed Harris – 4 min 10 sec



These are links to his website and social media.

These are links to artist pages at popular music players and music stores.

Photo credit: Celticophilia album cover.

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