Music Roundup: SXSW (Feb 15)

Here’s a list of my SXSW music posts that are still available for listening on SoundCloud.

These are streams from SXSWfm specialty shows that feature Americana, Indie Rock, and Electronic music highlighting bands coming to South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas from March 17-22, 2015 (in 4 weeks!). Also there are curated playlists from selected Guest DJs, as well as a weekly recap with music from newly announced bands.


Feb 16-20
Music Roundup: SXSW – Four on the Floor
SXSWfm – Electronica – Feb 17
SXSW 2015: New Bands (Feb 16-20)

Feb 9-13
SXSWfm – Indie/Pop/Surf Rock – Feb 13
SXSWfm – Electronica – Feb 10
SXSWfm – Guest DJ: We All Want Someone to Shout For (Feb 11)
SXSW 2015: New Bands (Feb 9-13)

Feb 2-6 
SXSWfm – Indie/Pop/Surf Rock – Feb 6
SXSWfm – Electronica – Feb 3
SXSWfm – Guest DJ: Austin Town Hall (Feb 4)
SXSW 2015: New Bands (Feb 2-6)

This is a great way to discover new music and see what bands will be coming to SXSW. I have only included the past two weeks since earlier streams are no longer available. For a full list of currently announced artists (over 1500 so far), see the SXSW Schedule, which also allow you to select by category.

SXSWfm is the official streaming radio station for South By Southwest (SXSW), reflecting the wide spectrum of sounds you can hear when you attend the SXSW Music Festival which started in 1987 – all kinds of music from all over the world. In 2013, over 2,000 bands from 55 countries performed in Austin. Each week specialty show hosts focus on genres and/or regions such as Americana, electronic dance music, indie rock, and more.

Although I will continue my music posts each week, if you want to enjoy a broader diverse mix of SXSW music more often, you can listen via your web browser with their own custom player at SXSWfm, or the SXSWfm station on Tunein. See their Weekly Speciality Shows and Programming Schedule for more information.

If you prefer, you can install listen with any of the following mobile phone apps via iTunes: SXSWfm, SoundCloud, or Tunein.  Also check out the SXSW GO app on iTunes, which is the Official 2015 Mobile Guide to South by Southwest.

Listen to SXSWfm via TuneIn Launch SXSWfm Player

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