Music by Genre

I have updated the Music by Genre menus which list music by genre, such as Country, Piano, GuitarRock, Pop, Indie, etc.

I’m still working more on reorganizing and enhancing my menus and associated pages. Let me know if this is useful, and any comments or suggestions are especially welcome.

3 thoughts on “Music by Genre

  1. Looking good… just happened upon your site today. However, I immediately went to look for folk-rock – discovered this NZ artist (Fraser MacKenzie) who sounds a bit folksy and a bit rocksy… but although you have indie folk, and rock, and folk, I wouldn’t really put him with those. And artists like Tom McCrae, where would he go? Am excited to have a good look through your posts though… looks like a bunch of new artists here you will be introducing me too

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    • I try to tag the music appropriately, but sometimes it does get a little tricky for combination styles. I have individual tags for rock, pop, indie, folk, etc., as well as some combinations like indie pop, indie rock, indie folk, etc. I thought I had a folk-rock too, but I will have to check. I’m currently all my tags to see if any adjustments might be needed. Also, it might be helpful to simplify them to just rely on the tags, and avoid the combination tags. The Music by Genre lists are driven by the tags, so if folk and rock both appear as tags, that post would be included in both folk and rock, even if there were not any folk rock combination tag. Thanks a lot for the feedback, and let me know if you find anything else I need to look at. Hope you enjoy the music.

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