The Head and the Heart: Updated

I have completely replaced my original indie folk music post for The Head and the Heart from October 7, 2014.

I added their studio albums, a Spotify session, quite a few videos including many live performances, as well as links for their website, social media, music players and stores. Originally, I only had their current album, but as I was reading the Lost In Music post on the Catching Days blog, which featured “Lost In My Mind”, I remembered how much I love this band and realized I needed to update my earlier post for The Head and the Heart (thanks, Cynthia).

Also, I added a playlist of their most popular songs. It seemed this approach might be more appropriate and easier for listening than listing these songs as separate Spotify links as I had been doing. It also enables download syncing and offline usage from mobile devices rather than being limited to shuffle play. I would be interested in any comments whether you like this playlist format better.

To listen to The Head and the Heart’s music, just click on the following link:

Photo credit: Amazon album cover

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