SXSWfm – Guest DJ: Austin Town Hall (Feb 4)

Here is a SXSWfm radio show stream from the Guest DJ series with a music playlist of SXSW 2015 bands hosted by Nathan Lankford from Austin Town Hall (about an hour long).  This is a great way to discover new music.

SXSWfm is the official internet radio stream of the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival to be held in Austin, Texas from March 17-22, 2015. You can listen to recordings of their specialty shows and artist interviews.

Nathan Lankford, an Austin Town Hall staff member who regularly contributes to the blog, put together a wildly diverse playlist fully representative of the local music scene in Austin. Plus, the show is packed with music by SXSW 2015 Showcasing Artists, providing a great opportunity to get to know the best of the best in Austin music before next month.

Guest DJ: Nathan from Austin Town Hall (2/4/15) – 1 hr 2 min



  1. Jess Williamson – “Native State”
  2. Warm Soda – “Jeanie Loves Pop”
  3. The Sour Notes – “Don’t Listen”
  4. Roger Sellers – “Marim”
  5. Ramesh – “1111”
  6. The Flesh Lights – “Just About Due”
  7. The Zoltars – “Here In My Room”
  8. Ssleeperhold – “Ruleth”
  9. Grape St. – “Wallpaper”
  10. Mirror Travel – “Stoner”
  11. Abram Shook – “In Mind”
  12. Shivery Shakes – “Hold On”
  13. Love Inks – “I Don’t Hear That”
  14. A Sinclair – “Shiny Things”
  15. The Eastern Sea – “A Lie”
  16. Hundred Visions – “Our Ritual”

This stream will be available until Thursday, February 19. For additional information, see the Guest DJ show, which is hosted this week by Nathan Lankford from Austin Town Hall.

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