Whisperings: All-Star Concert & Awards – 2015

Here’s some music by Whisperings Solo Piano artists nominated for the 2014 Whisperings Album of the Year for you to listen with Spotify. See Whisperings: All-Star Concert & Awards – 2014 for information about last year’s concert on Feb 3, 2014 and the 2013 nominations, including the complete live concert video.

The “Whisperings Solo Piano – All Star Concert & Awards – 2015” show was held on Sunday Jan 25, 2015. The 3-hour live concert included performances by all of the following 6 Whisperings Album of the Year nominees, and the winner was announced at the end of the evening – it was Christine Brown for her “Souvenirs” album. Their nominated albums are shown in parentheses, and have been featured below so you listen to these artists on Spotify.

Christine Brown (Souvenirs), Amy Janelle (A New Direction), David Lanz (Movements of the Heart), Gary Girouard (The Naked Piano: Elements), Michael Logozar (Dreams from Afar), and Peter Vantine (Prayerful Improvisations)

Also, there were 9 additional live performance by these artists:

Joe Yamada, Joseph AkinsStarr Parodi, Michael DulinPhilip WesleySally Kidwell, Scott D. Davis, Joe Bongiorno, and David Nevue.

You might want to listen to my music posts for several of these artists (names with links in bold). I also highlighted Christmas music for many of them in December as well. I plan to add more music posts for the others in the future.

Album of the Year

The following album was the winner of the 2014 Whisperings Album of the Year.

“Souvenirs” by Christine Brown (2014) – 14 songs, 57 min



The following additional albums were nominated for the 2014 Whisperings Album of the Year.

“A New Direction” by Amy Janelle (2014) – 11 songs, 45 min


“Movements of the Heart” by David Lanz (2013) – 13 songs, 1 hr 1 min


“The Naked Piano: Elements” by Gary Girouard (2013) – 13 songs, 52 min


“Dreams from Afar” by Michael Logozar (2014) – 12 songs, 42 min


“Prayerful Improvisations” by Peter Vantine (2013) – 17 songs, 1 hr 32 min

This artist is not available on Spotify, although you can preview songs on this album at CD Baby. However, there are several videos available on YouTube and some have been included below.


Here are some videos from Peter Vantine.

“Strength Within” by Peter Vantine on “Prayerful Improvisations” (2013) – 4 min 36 sec


“Rainy Day Prayer” by Peter Vantine on “Prayerful Improvisations” (2013) – 4 min 46 sec


Note: The video of the show will not be posted after the concert (as it was last year).

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