Holly Conlan

Here’s some alternative music by Holly Conlan that you can listen to on Spotify. She also released another album “The Sirens” in 2013 but it’s not currently available on Spotify.


“OK” by Holly Conlan on “Bird” (2008)


“You Are Goodbye” by Holly Conlan on “Bird” (2008)


“You And Me” by Holly Conlan on “Fascinator” (2009)


“One Two Three” by Holly Conlan on “Fascinator” (2009)


“Sparkle” by Holly Conlan on “Fascinator” (2009)


“Take The Blame” by Holly Conlan on “Fascinator” (2009)



“Fascinator” by Holly Conlan (2009) – 13 songs, 49 min


“Bird” by Holly Conlan (2008) – 5 songs, 20 min


“Holly Conlan” by Holly Conlan (2005) – 10 songs, 36 min



“Stay” by Holly Conlan on “Stay” (2010) – 1 songs, 3 min 22 sec (single)



“Stay And Play” by Holly Conlan on “The Sirens” (2013) – 3 min 28 sec



These are links to her website, social media, and general information.

These are links to artist pages at popular music players and music stores.

Photo credit: Amazon album cover

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