Spotify Playlist: Sarah McLachlan

Here’s a rock playlist called “Sarah’s Playlist” that was created by Sarah McLachlan for you to listen with Spotify. Note that this is not her music, but songs that she chose for this playlist.


“Sarah’s Playlist” created by Sarah McLachlan (Nov 4, 2014) – 15 songs, 1 hr 12 min


See my Sarah McLachlan music post to listen to more of her own music.

Also, I would be interested in any feedback about your experience with listening to Spotify playlists like this.  I am considering using this approach for future music roundup posts that might be weekly, monthly, or  annual. I might highlight selected songs from specific genres or artists, or perhaps gather songs from the most popular posts. It could also be useful to offer a mix of songs from various artists, such as those performing at the South by Southwest music festival. Let me know what you think.

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