Photography 101: Triumph

Our Day 20 assignment for Photography 101 was “Triumph”.

This was a photo taken after my son finished running the Austin Marathon last year. That was quite an accomplishment for him after training for months, and was very satisfying for him to actually complete it with a respectable time.

Austin Marathon

Austin Marathon

For me, on this last day of Photography 101, I feel a sense of triumph too. I had been interested in photography for a while, but hadn’t really done much about it until I decided to take this Blogging University course. The time seemed right after completing Blogging 101 and Blogging 201 where I had started and enhanced this blog. This was another great course and I learned a lot more about photography.

It has really get me interested in exploring photography further. It has enabled me to add photo blog posts all month, which broadens my blog into an another area that I wanted to include. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed viewing photos of my fellow bloggers participating in the class with me.

4 thoughts on “Photography 101: Triumph

  1. The city of Austin awards a cool-looking medal — I’m sure that was a rewarding experience for your son. Congratulations to you for finishing Photo 101! I’ve gotten behind lately, but it has been fun to see so many different takes on the same theme — including your photos.

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