Photography 101: Moment

Our Day 13 assignment for Photography 101 was “Moment”. I have highlighted a few photos with selected moments to share.

This first photo is actually a newspaper clipping which shows my early introduction to computers, which later became a long career with IBM. During high school the Advanced Math class had the opportunity to visit the “Data Processing Department” where we watched a demonstration of a UNIVAC II computer.

That’s me with the glasses casually leaning my arm over the top of the computer above the operator. I guess I was trying to get a real good look at it, or else just trying to be cool. Anyway, it did perk my interest in computers, and I thought this moment might be a good one to share since it’s over 50 years old.

UNIVAC II Computer

UNIVAC II Computer

Here we have a pre-school Christmas musical moment where they all presented to their families, although they’re not all that focused on what they’re doing. It was fun to watch these early opportunities for the kids to get up in front of other people with all their various behaviors and expressions, but they actually sounded pretty good.


This final photo was taken when I was sitting on a rock talking with my granddaughter. This moment was captured to remember the special relationship that I have with her. I don’t remember what we were talking about now, but it doesn’t really matter I guess. (I have lost some weight since this photo was taken).


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