Photography 101: Architecture

Our Day 12 assignment in Photography 101 was “Architecture”, and we were also asked to explore black-and-white. I have included dual photos in color and black-and-white of various downtowns: Granbury Texas, St. Louis Missouri, Philadelphia  Pennsylvania, and Seattle Washington.  There is a photo looking up at the ceiling in the Atlanta Museum of Art, and also a photo of the iconic Space Needle in Seattle built for the 1962 World’s Fair.

It’s interesting to note how the color versions of the skyscrapers show various shades of tan, blue, black, and silver, and the St. Louis photo includes the turquoise and green from the courthouse top and lawn; these are all eliminated in the black-and-white versions, which I don’t think I like as much even though it still shows a lot of gray-scale color contrasts.

The St. Louis photo was taken from the observation windows at the top of the Gateway Arch, the Philadelphia skyline from across a highway (which was cropped out at the bottom), and the Seattle photo was taken from the 76th floor of the Columbia Tower building.

The atrium ceiling in the Atlanta Museum of Art had a striking pattern of lines and shadows and I had to take a photo of it since it was different; I think I might like the black-and-white version in this one better since the shadows are even more emphasized, and there wasn’t much color in the original anyway.

The old 1890 Hood County Court House in Granbury, Texas offers the most unique character in this typical Texas town square, and I prefer that one best.

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