Photography 101: Mystery

Our Day 10 assignment for Photography 101 was about a “Mystery” theme. Here are some photos about a tunnel, grafitti, balloon, standup paddleboards, and grand-dog which I captured that represent this for me.  They all raise uncertainty as you look at them, and generate lots of questions.


This tunnel looks mysterious.  Where is it?  Where does it go? How long is it?  Should we walk further, or exit through this opening here? I like how this opening really lights up the scene quite a bit, including the ceiling and ground.



What is this grafitti artist drawing?  So far it’s just a partial face, but it looks interesting. Maybe I should stay and watch? But that would take too long. So I guess I will have to come back again some time later to see how it turned out.



Seeing this balloon floating high over the trees make me wonder. How do they get down? How far will they go? Can they really control it? I don’t think I want to do it, but I guess they probably know what they’re doing. Anyway, it’s a pretty sight.


Standup Paddleboard

I know this has become a popular activity more recently. It looks so easy with these people standing up on their paddleboards. But it can’t be that easy. It’s interesting to watch them. There are many places around here to rent them. I’m not sure I want to try it. But maybe it would be fun.



This is my grandkids’ dog, so I guess that make him my grand-dog. He’s a very nice yellow lab, and he loves the grandparents. When my son mentions that we’re coming over, he gets all excited. You wonder what goes on in a dog’s mind. Or when he’s sleeping peacefully, what kind of dreams do dogs have? I guess we’ll never know.


Well, I guess we may never know the answers to such questions.  However, many times we can just try it, and see how it turns out.  Then we might know what happens (except for the dog).  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these mysterious photos.

6 thoughts on “Photography 101: Mystery

  1. Great interpretation on mystery, Doug! I especially like the pic of the tunnel! As for stand-up paddling (SUP), there is NO mystery as it is REALLY easy to do and be successful and have fun within a few minutes. Not like windsurfing which takes years to get to intermediate. 🙂

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  2. My favorite for “mystery” was probably the tunnel, too — the lighting added to the mystery as well as the subject iitself — but I found myself intrigued by all the questions you posed, especially about the graffiti artists and what the picture would be and the dog. That dog looks happy, whatever he is thinking. And thanks again for the iPhone help (on my site): it looks like you are using the Rule of Thirds to good effect. 🙂

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