Photography 101: Warmth

For our Day 9 assignment in Photography 101, our theme was “Warmth”.  I have included these photos which reflect warmth for me.  They highlight warmth for a fawn, flower, lizard, squirrel, and granddaughter.


We have lots of wildlife in our backyard, especially white-tailed deer.  It’s always wonderful to see all the newly born fawn each spring, and also gets interesting in the fall when the bucks have fully developed anthers and are out looking for does.

One morning when we came out for breakfast, we discovered there was a sleeping fawn curled up on our patio just outside out back door next to the door mat.  We watched it for a while and took some photos, especially as it finally woke up (probably because we made some noise in the kitchen).  It was so young and scrawny, it looked very when it was arising from its sleeping position as it tried to stand up.

Sleeping Fawn

Sleeping Fawn

Then it wandered around the deck for a while trying to find a way out to get back to its mother. Eventually, she realized that the baby was trying to find her and actually moved along our deck railing to encourage the baby to follow until it went right through the vertical grating on our gate at the end of the deck (which must also be how it go in).  And here baby is reunited with its mother again, as this photo shows them licking (kissing?) each other.

Deer Licking Fawn-IMG_1627

Fawn with Mother


This flowering cactus on our deck is another result of the sun’s warmth.  It produces these beautiful yellow flowers.


Cactus Flower


The sun brings out all kinds of critters that want to bask its warmth like this lizard who just likes to sit there for long periods of time just catching the rays.




This squirrel is another neighbor you likes to enjoy the sun’s warmth while surveying his backyard domain.  He also has been devouring a succulent that we have in a pot nearby – it must be pretty tasty.




Of course, I can’t forget the loving warmth of my grandchildren.  This is picture that my youngest granddaughter drew for his Grandma and Grandpa (about a year ago when she was 5).  It just says “I Love You” symbolically.

Granddaughter Drawing IMG_1532

Granddaughter Drawing

It’s very cold here in Texas. It was almost time to build a fire tonight, but we didn’t have any starter so that will have to wait. That would have been another photo I could have included. I hope you are having a warm day, or just keeping warm, wherever you are.

8 thoughts on “Photography 101: Warmth

  1. Yes, Doug, your lizard makes a nice contrast to the lizard Terri posted for solitude. I liked the shadows in the lizard picture, but I enjoyed all of the wildlife pictures very much. It was cold and grey here yesterday, so I didn’t try my hand at warmth. But, it’s cold and grey again. Hmmm.

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