Twin Shadow

Here’s some alternative music by Twin Shadow for you to listen with Spotify.

Twin Shadow is the nom de plume of Dominican-born George Lewis Jr. He is working on a new album, and will be playing at SXSW 2015 in Austin.


These are some of his most popular songs.

“Tyrant Destroyed” by Twin Shadow on “Forget” (2010)


“When We’re Dancing” by Twin Shadow on “Forget” (2010)


“Golden Light” by Twin Shadow on “Confess” (2012)


“Five Seconds” by Twin Shadow on “Confess” (2012)


“Run My Heart” by Twin Shadow on “Confess” (2012)


These are his studio albums.

“Forget” by Twin Shadow (2010) – 11 songs, 41 min


“Confess” by Twin Shadow (2012) – 11 songs, 41 min



Here are some singles.

“To The Top” by Twin Shadow – Single (2014) – 1 song, 3 min 20 sec


“Changes” by Twin Shadow – Single (2011) – 1 song, 3 min 44 sec


“Lost You (feat. Twin Shadow & D’Angelo Lacy)” by Zeds Dead with Twin Shadow – Single (2014) – 1 song, 3 min 38 sec


“Old Love / New Love” by Twin Shadow – 3 min 55 sec


“Public School Fall 2014 (Release)” by Twin Shadow – 10 min



These is one of his videos.

“Forget (4AD Session)” by Twin Shadow



Here are links for his website, social media, and general information.

These are links for his artist pages at music players and music stores.

Photo credit: “Twin Shadow at Lincoln Hall” by Oryx925 – I was at a Twin Shadow concert at Lincoln Hall venue in Chicago, Illinois.. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

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