Luke Bryan

Here’s some country music by Luke Bryan for you to listen with Spotify.

Luke Bryan is a country singer/songwriter who began his career writing songs for Travis Tritt and Billy Currington. He won the top 2014 CMA Award as “Entertainer of the Year, and was also nominated as Male Vocalist of the Year and Album of the Year (“Crash My Party”).


These are some of his more popular songs.

“Luke Bryan (Playlist)” – 25 songs, 1 hr 28 min



Here are his studio albums.

“Kill the Lights” by Luke Bryan (2015) – 13 songs, 46 min


“Spring Break…Checkin’ Out” by Luke Bryan (2015) – 11 songs, 38 min


“Crash My Party (Deluxe)” by Luke Bryan (2014) – 17 songs, 59 min


“Spring Break 6…Like We Ain’t Ever” by Luke Bryan (2014) – 6 songs, 21 min


“Spring Break…Here To Party” by Luke Bryan (2013) – 14 songs, 51 min


“Tailgates & Tanlines” by Luke Bryan (2011) – 13 songs, 46 min


“Doin’ My Thing” by Luke Bryan (2010) – 11 songs, 40 min


“I’ll Stay Me” by Luke Bryan (2007) – 11 songs, 41 min



Here are some videos.

“Spring Breakdown” by Luke Bryan


“Roller Coaster” by Luke Bryan


“Play It Again” by Luke Bryan


“I Don’t Want This Night To End” by Luke Bryan


“Drunk On You” by Luke Bryan


“Drink a Beer” by Luke Bryan


“Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” by Luke Bryan



Here are links for his website, social media, and general information.

These are links for his artist pages at music players and music stores.

Photo credit: Kill the Lights @ Amazon (album cover).

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