Photography 101: Solitude

Here are several photos which suggest “Solitude” for our Photography 101 Day 5 assignment.

Sunset Reflection

I like this photo of Lake Travis at sunset from our deck. It captures the sunset reflection in the lake, as well as the rays emanating from the sun through the clouds. Lots of interesting color and contrast. It is very relaxing and peaceful to just sit with my wife and watch the close of another day. Usually it’s very quiet here and it’s great to be alone with nature. A glass of wine helps too.

Sunset Lake Reflection

Sunset Lake Reflection


This shows wildflowers in a field near Brenham, Texas. In the spring, there are wildflowers all over, and it’s fun to go for scenic rides in the country to see them.  They have been making old-fashioned Blue Bell Ice Cream there for over 100 years. You can see a their video, take a 45-minute tour, and get some wonderful complimentary ice cream in the parlor.  Plus there are a few wineries around the area for tastings.  It’s a nice day trip from Austin (about halfway to Houston).  See the Visitor Guide for more information about the area.

Brenham Wildflowers

Brenham Wildflowers

Desert Oasis

While attending the BNP Paripas Open tennis tournament in Indian Wells, California, we visited Thousand Palms Oasis in the Coachella Valley Preserve near Palm Springs.  It offers interesting hikes among the fan palms in a desert oasis.  This was my  photo of a pond in the McCallum Grove which is interesting.  It captures the various palms lining the pond, and includes reflections in the water.

Actually, I understand this sits right on top of the San Andreas Fault line, which apparently causes the water to seep to the surface even in the middle of the desert. This has a very serene feeling, especially since it’s an oasis in a desert. You can see additional information and photo gallery on the McCallum Trail.

Desert Oasis

Desert Oasis

Balloon Ride

There are lots of hot-air balloons around Prosser Lake near Truckee, California north of Lake Tahoe.  We went one morning to watch a balloon club prepare their balloons and take flight.  They offered my wife and her sister a test ride in one to see what it was like, and they actually agreed to try it.

I took this photo of them as they rose in the sky, but you will notice that there are two ropes tied to the balloon so they don’t go sailing off on their own.  It was exciting to watch them go up, and they had a nice view from up there.  I’m sure they felt very alone, but the solitude would have been much worse if the ropes didn’t hold.

Balloon Test Ride

Balloon Test Ride

Deer Necklace

This last one was interesting because it shows a white-tailed deer in our back yard with an unusual accessory.  This is the top of a trash receptacle from the nearby golf course around its neck.  Apparently, it got too nosey and stuck its head into it to get something to eat that it smelled like a granola bar, apple, sandwich, etc.  And when it got up, the lid came off and stayed around its neck. We saw this deer fairly regularly for several years as they wander around the area, and we also called it the “golfer”.

I wonder if the other deer thought this was rather strange, although it didn’t seem to be an outcast because of it since it would travel around with others.  We always felt bad for it because it would keep sliding down when it would be eating grass, and then fall back down when it got up.  You would think it would figure out some way to get this thing off its neck, but I guess deer are not that smart. There was no way to could go up to it to remove it because it would always run away so there was nothing we could do.  We haven’t seen it any more, so I’m not sure what happened to it (unless maybe somehow it managed to get it off).

Golfer Deer

Golfer Deer

It’s been fun sharing these “solitude” photos with you, and I hope you enjoyed them too.

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