John Doan

Here’s some celtic music by John Doan for you to listen with Spotify.

John Doan is one of the best-known harp guitarists in the world. In addition, he is a performer, Emmy-nominated composer, historian, instrument collector, and university professor.  He is a master of the Renaissance lute, as well as classical and contemporary guitar styles.

His signature instrument, however, is the 20-string harp guitar, originally popular at the end of the 19th century in Europe and America. This expressive instrument that he plays has six standard fretted guitar strings, six unfretted bass strings, and eight unfretted high strings with pure tones and long sustains.


These are some of his more popular songs.

John Doan (Playlist) – 12 songs, 55 min



Here are his studio albums.

“Homage to Fernando Sor” (2012) – 11 songs, 46 min


“Best of Hearts of Space, No. 3: Innocence” by John Doan  (2009) – 13 songs, 59 min


“The Lost Music of Fernando Sor” by John Doan (2008) – 10 songs, 45 min


“Wayfarer”  by John Doan (1999) – 11 songs, 49 min


“Celtic Twilight 4: Celtic Planet” by John Doan (1997) – 14 songs, 1 hr


“Eire: Isle of the Saints” by John Doan (1997) – 11 songs, 50 min


“Remembrance: Melodies from a Forgotten Era” by John Doan (1993) – 10 songs, 45 min


“Departures” by John Doan (1987) – 8 songs, 45 min


Here is a compilation album.

“A Celtic Pilgrimage” by John Doan (2010) – 12 songs, 56 min



Watch John Doan playing the 20-string harp guitar.

“Farewell” by John Doan


“No. 3 from Six Petite Pieces”  written by Fernando Sor for 1830 Harpolyre (3-neck guitar) and played by John Doan

John Doan is the first to play and record the harpolyre in modern times. No. 3 from Six Petite Pieces written by Fernando Sor for the Harpolyre. This guitar was built in Paris in 1830’s and the music was written just for this 3 neck guitar. It is a historic instrument. Fernando Sor was the father of the Classical Guitar movement.


“More Harpolyre Music written by Fernando Sor” played by John Doan


“Celtic Pilgrimage” by John Doan (2011) – 1 hr 11 min

Here is a live video recording at the Kornspeicher in Wels, Austria in May 2011 of John Doan’s Celtic Pilgrimage with his harp guitar through centuries of ancient tales and music.  Guest singer was Rija.



These are links to his website, social media, and general information.

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Photo credit: Eire: Isle of the Saints @ Amazon (album cover).

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