Photography 101: Bliss

For my Photography 101 Day 4 assignment, these photos represent “Bliss” for me.

We love playing golf on the Lago Vista and Highland Lakes golf courses on Lake Travis where we live.  It’s very relaxing, especially when it’s mid-70’s with a light breeze, playing golf while we enjoy the scenic views and try to avoid hitting the white-tailed deer.  Of course, the weather is not always perfect, and we’re fortunate that the courses are never very busy so we often have it all to ourselves.  It’s always fun and a great way to spend about four hours topped off with a nice cold beer.

Lago Vista Golf Course

Lago Vista Golf Course on Lake Travis

We also enjoy sitting on our deck in the evening watching the sun go down, especially with all the beautiful sunsets over Lake Travis.  Unfortunately there’s not as much water in the lake now since we’ve been in an extended drought, but it’s still a very relaxing view at the end of the day, especially with a nice glass of wine.

Lake Travis at Sunset

Lake Travis at Sunset

We are very happy living here with the wonderful golf, lake views, and sunsets.  This is “bliss” for us. I look forward to share more photos with you.

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